So, there I am, watching the TV, with the laptop on my lap (where else would it be?), I did the usual, check email account 1 – no emails… oh well, check the second account – still no emails, check the third – nope, none there either!

Well, it was only 3 minutes since i last checked! What to do now? Oh, facebook… i haven’t checked that in the last 5 minutes… surely someone has posted something interesting… Nope, not in the last 5 mins.

Can’t seem to fix this boredom!

I have plenty of important things to do… just can’t be bothered to do it – i’d rather type a post for this blog than file my tax return.

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Elections – What’s the point?

What is the point of elections?

Really, the MPs spend 2 months and lots of money on the run-up to an election, what do they do when they get in?

All they seem to do is reverse everything that the last government did – costing the tax payer more money…

I chose not to vote this year, as there was only 2 choices, neither of which i agree with… where is the “none of the above” option?

Should I start one of these on-line petitions, and demand an option on all elections (local or otherwise) for a “none of the above”?

I tell you know, everyone tells you that you have to vote, as it’s your “right” to vote – but when you don’t agree with the policies of any government that are begging for your vote, there should be an option for us to share that view.

I demand a way to still vote, but indicate that i don’t like the choices available!

If someone deserves my vote, then they’ll get it, otherwise i go uncounted!

– Rich

Edit: I’ve just found someone else has already created one: or (no doubt they will be merged – or should be)

I encourage everyone to sign!

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Home Delivery Network (HDNL) Fail to Deliver

Why do Amazon insist on using HDNL?

They couldn’t organize a pissup in a brewery! My parcel from amazon has been “out for delivery” every day since Saturday, and not once have they tried to deliver it (It’s now Wednesday)

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